Who am I?

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Well, I am a bit of many things, most of which you won’t generally see in the dance world.   I am a thirty six year old dancer, performer, artistic director, choreographer, teacher, and lover of dance  – but that all is secondary.  First and foremost I am a mom to five wonderful kids.  I squeeze in dancing wherever and whenever I can fit it where it won’t interfere with my most important time with them.  I dance with my kids.  I put on professional shows with the company I direct, and I feature my kids in my shows.  I juggle and juggle and juggle to make it all fit. One day you may see me wearing sweats with my hair a mess, no makeup, spit up on my shoulder and chasing down a stripping toddler, and other days I am dressed to the nines meeting up with a new theater director or preparing to present a new show, and again you might see me fully decked out in costume and makeup listening to my kids yell my name from the audience.   I love it sometimes, I go crazy at other times, but that is all what makes up this dancing mom!