“I’m not a dancer”  “I’m so uncoordinated”

I hear this a lot

I don’t buy it

I don’t believe that any of us are not “dancers.” Most are not PROFESSIONAL dancers, many will never take the stage, but we were born to move.  You show me a 2 year old that doesn’t dance when music is put on. But that’s been trained out of us (at least in the United States). We are told at an early age whether we are flexible or not, coordinated or clumsy, graceful or awkward, and we take that as a prescription into our future.

But says who?

Who says that our own brand of moving around isn’t beautiful?  

All that does is creates in us a discomfort with our own body.   We develop a lack of confidence in what we look like and how we move, so heaven forbid anyone should see us making up our own moves to the radio.  

However, according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian 93% of communication is non-verbal, so if we believe negative things about our body and our movement, what message are we communicating to the world?

By learning to move confidently in your own body you are able to speak and communicate more clearly, confidently, and effectively with others

I teach people how to find their own dance truth, as well as how to find confidence in their own skin and how to overcome emotional and mental blocks with the knowledge and understanding that is already inside of them.  I do this through an open movement class as well as one on one mentoring.

You may still not walk away calling yourself a dancer, but you WILL walk away feeling a little, and maybe a LOT better, and will learn what the way you move says about you, and how your greatest strengths are revealed through the way you move.

I teach people who they are through one on one sessions and workshops around the globe, announced on my website, DanceYourTruth.org.  

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