Auditions are coming up for my company next week to start its Florida chapter.  This means several things:

1-I get a variety of video submissions beforehand (I do prescreening for my auditions for very specific purposes).  This go around, it has been great, but if you’ve ever watched a reality tv show that includes auditions, and have watched the really really terrible ones and thought “They’ve got to be a plant” – no, no they are not.  Despite the fact that I run a professional dance company and say words like “advanced to professional level,” I often get submissions for people that aren’t strong dancers, to put it politely.    Again, so far so good, but let’s all do a quick knock on wood, or the nearest fake wood furniture or floor you have within reach.  I’ve been doing professional dance company auditions for 7 years now and I’d like this to be my best audition year yet.

2-Location location location.  This is why I love having my own building, but seeing as how that won’t be done for another few months, I have to find somewhere in the interim.  I’ve reached out to a half a dozen studios, a couple of local gyms, and have even considered contacting churches.  Anytime Fitness’ response to me was “Are you a member?”  “No, I am not.”  And  apparently that was a conversation killer for them.  Thankfully, although most dance studios are either booked during the hours I need or not generally open as late as I need, one finally did commit to renting me for the 2 hour audition.  It’s actually a pain in the rear, and I go through the same process to an even more frustrating degree when it’s time for performances… which is why (spoiler alert!) my new studio will be set up for small audience shows.

3-New friends!  I really love “meeting” all of the applicants.  Even the ones who change their mind, have other commitments, or decide it is too far of a drive.  (In both Utah and California I had dancers who would drive 1.5-2.5 hours to get to rehearsal, but they were the exception!)  I love hearing their unique voices and styles and goals with dance.  I love seeing their hunger for opportunities to perform and work and create.  I love putting them on stage, with a mix of pieces that make them look good and ones that frustrate the heck out of them.   I quickly grow to care about each one of them and love sharing this part of their journey.  And this time more than ever I have a nervous excitement for the coming process as I know I will be reaching new levels of vulnerability and authenticity both with my own work as well as with theirs.  I am crazy, insanely, excited, which means I am also as scared as the last human being on earth during the zombie apocalypse.  That’s the one area I am a thrill seeker, though, so bring on the submission videos and let’s get started!

It will have been 6 long months of preparation for this.  This is much longer than I usually take to prepare, but I am a boiling pot ready to bust off the lid.  I ache to dance again, I ache to work with others on their journey and use the tools I have to introduce them to the impossible, open up the hidden parts of their soul and see it in all its ugly, incredible beauty.

The time is now, dancers.  Are you the ones that are meant for this?  Are you prepared?  Are you being drawn to this?  Does something stir within you when you read about the audition?  Then take action, or you’ll always wonder.  I know, I KNOW you won’t regret this.  I know the program I offer and the experience I have ready for you, and it is unlike ANYTHING out there, in all good ways.    Send in your audition materials, and let’s play!

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