What??? How dare you!  You must be one of those, those who can’t do so they criticize.


I love ballet.  Ballet is where my love of dance was born.  I had a bookmark my mom gave me.  It was a picture of point shoes, five or six different colors all lined up.  I used it for reading, which I also love, and would pause frequently to just look longingly at those beautiful shoes, those beautiful feet, and dream of someday having my own.  I still love ballet.  Admittedly I get a little impatient at barre, but I go into a quiet peaceful place, working on the details, being graceful, and enjoying the pleasure of accomplishment as my lines improve and my muscles are stronger.

But it’s outdated.

How so?

In a world where technology is changing BY THE MONTH, political opinions swayed by the day and sometimes hour, advances in medicine and science and inventions surging forward at breakneck speeds, I beg the question – Why are we still doing ballet the same way we were ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO?? Everything changes.  EVERYTHING.  Well, except ballet.  The things that don’t change or that we don’t think should change are the things presumed perfect.  So that’s the crazy part.  Yes, ballet done at its best seems otherworldly, seems like perfection itself.  But as I mentioned in a previous post, if it is so perfect then why is it that ballerinas in particular are retiring at age 30 still?  They retire because of injuries and exhaustion.  They retire because they aren’t viewed to be able to keep up with the demands anymore.  AT THIRTY???

So back to my original question:  Why hasn’t it evolved?  Why with all of the brilliant minds, and the freedom to create, to challenge, and to innovate, why haven’t we come up with a better way to teach and train and accomplish something equally stunning?  Because there is no other way??  I don’t buy it.  That spirit in me to break down the status quo, to challenge the widely accepted way of things being done because they’ve always been done… has gotten me in some difficult situations.

I can’t help it though.  I am still dancing at 36, and by golly, I plan on continuing on for many years to come.  So if someone else isn’t going to figure out a better, more long lasting and healthy way of doing things, I will.

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