A few months ago I wrote a post entitled, “Do I Dare?”  This post chronicled and important part of an incredible journey I have been on.  This journey has had twists and turns and unexpected journeys, but the vistas have been phenomenal, with better in store.  A crucial piece of all this was my desire for the dancing I do and teach to be uplifting and pure, and even to have an aspect of worship.  Over the course of several months I had several different people encourage me in that direction.  I always love combining my loves, so if I could combine my love of religion and dance, what could be better?

Well, in a way I have found that, but in a MUCH MUCH different way than I ever expected, and in a very different package.  This has come through the Dance Your Truth project.  In the journey previously mentioned, I had prayed to know how angels dance (yes, sometimes my prayers are that bold, okay often…)  As I grew and learned and studied my way through Dance Your Truth, the objective was to uncover who people really are, their divine value, and how that comes out in their dancing.  By showing them who they really are, and the value of the way they move the way they do, it has unlocked some INCREDIBLE things.  Over the last 9 months since starting this project, we have seen dramatic changes in confidence, improvement in dancing skills, acceptance of self, and awareness of our own and others’ inner beauty on unexpected and unprecedented levels.

How do the two connect?  Well, as I was seeing the fruit of this project, and expanding on it (more in a later post on that!), it suddenly came to me “THAT is how angels dance.  They dance WHO they are.  They aren’t afraid of expressing themselves in their truth, their purity, and no two look alike.”  And that’s how it feels to uncover these things for people, sacred, spiritual, and pure and uplifting.  There is something holy about showing someone who they really are on a spiritual level, and showing them through the language of movement and the rich symbolism in it that who they already are is perfect.  Their individuality is perfect.  They are divine beams of light.  I have done some version of DYT on about a dozen people now, and not a single one of them is the same as the next.  Twelve completely different people.  Twelve completely different dancers.  Twelve completely different angels.  I expect before this project has seen its end, I will see hundreds that follow that same pattern.

So do I dare?  YES.  A resounding yes.  My passion for this project is as a mighty earthquake, ready to shake the foundations of false beliefs.  But in its wake will not be destruction, but everything falling into its perfect place.

I’m not alone on this.  I couldn’t possibly think to do it alone.  That’s the best part.

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