So I mentioned my Dance Your Truth campaign I started, and as I come to the close of this current campaign, I have learned a ton, enjoyed it way more than I ever thought possible, choreographed many different styles, and have seen the beauty in so many of my dancers.  The human soul is an amazing thing, and seeing the ways that everything important to us, and important about us, actually manifests itself in our natural dancing movement has been fascinating to me.  I have seen the quiet power in the natural nurturing of one of my dancers, the inner strength and acceptance of life’s ups and downs in others, the natural tendency to lift and bring excitement in another, the core strength in others the calm openness in others, and the list goes on and on.  It has been a privilege to work with all of them and I am glad I did it.

The one person I put off until nearly the last moment in finding their dance truth was actually myself.  I guess I worried whether that same beauty could possibly exist in me as well.  My process was a little different, since I didn’t need to do a one on one conversation to talk about likes, dislikes, fears, strengths, challenges, weaknesses, and dreams.  Mine simply came by going into movement, finding the movement that came most naturally to me and putting it into choreography.

What I learned surprised me.

The first and biggest surprise was that it was SO very different from ANYTHING I have ever choreographed.  So in my race to challenge myself as a choreographer, I have never once choreographed my own truth.  I have literally choreographed hundreds of numbers, and many that have common themes, but never my true style.  I don’t know quite what to make of that, except maybe the need to accept myself, which is what this project is all about for all of us.  I hope that through doing this I can see more of that in me.

Other surprises included being nervous to teach it.  I did this differently than any other in that I set the first half and went to film it, and then just kept improvising for the second half, and liked it so much I kept it.  It’s REALLY hard to teach something I improvised, as I had to rely on the video to re-learn it since I never “knew” it the first time.  Huge challenge.

I also didn’t choreograph to music at all, that was added later as I tried to prepare to teach it.  I picked music and also found in the theme two things that really do represents the two sometimes conflicting sides of me – there is a peaceful flow and desire for calm and comfort and love, combined with a passion and drive behind it all, which I feel both came out in the piece.

The final surprise is that I actually think it’s really beautiful, and I hope it’s not too self-centered of me to say that it’s one of the pieces that I am most proud of from all the pieces I have ever done.  It is sacred to me, but I share it here in its rough form, and will post a performance version of it in a few weeks.

I hope you enjoy it, but I guess the whole point of this is not finding acceptance from others, but loving and seeing the beauty within ourselves, but nevertheless, I hope it has some impact on someone else that is positive.

Enjoy!  (PS I am the one in the front center with the light pink tank top) And if you are free, come see our showcase of all our Dance Your Truth numbers on July 22 at Pacific Coast Academy of Dance in Mission Viejo at 7pm – free admission 🙂


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