Dance Your Truth


How many people have felt not good enough for what they want in dance?  


I’m going to be vulnerable here….


It was time to sleep and I had this overwhelming insecurity come over me, so I watched some class videos we had recently taken of all of us in rehearsal, and it was very humbling and discouraging.  Then I watched some of my performance videos, as well as a video I had made of a dance I choreographed and danced in for a friend that was struggling. This helped a little, but it all got me thinking.


Choreographers teach choreography they are good at.  I only kind of have.  Why?  Fear.  Fear it won’t be exciting enough without all the whistles and bells, without the tumbling and the tilts and the holding the leg up for days.   Afraid it will be boring and just another modern dance, another “She can’t …. so she…” (don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of great modern dance out there that I love, and it made up more than half of my major when I was in school).   I’ve wanted to prove that mindset wrong, but maybe have missed something valuable in the meantime. Maybe what I am not good at are the things that need to be shed.  Not 100%, -there is great value and conditioning and control we all need from ballet and turns and leaps, as well as TRYING to hold your leg in extension as high and as long as possible.  


What are you good at?  There is a reason you are good at it.  Yes, your weaknesses are there to teach you, and yes they CAN become strengths, but they may also be there to redirect you.


What if your pain and injuries are also teaching you?  What would happen if every dancer adjusted class around their body?  What if I also as a choreographer did the same FOR them with choreography?


And so the words and ultimately the seeds of a new project came to mind as I thought about all of this, “Dance Your Truth.”


A step farther – what if SOME of our weaknesses are part of dancing our truth?  Maybe it is reflective of something we need to say, something we need to get out, or a new kind of beauty that needs to be created about us.


And so I have launched my “Dance Your Truth” campaign, starting with my company dancers and myself.  (footage to come soon!)  Quit trying to be someone we admire.  Be yourself and that’s ok.  Let other dancers be them too, don’t only measure them against the latest youtube sensation.  Quit trying to fit in and just fit YOU.


Let’s fit us, fit in our own skin and our own self.  Other people’s skin doesn’t fit that well anyway.

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